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  Hello welcome to our world of Silk and Spice . Do you wonder what we're about?  We hope so! Silk and Spice is a luxury bath and body company that provides artisan products. We take pride in using the rich spices and materials from this beautiful earth God has created! Our products exemplify the original luxuries of this world which were silks and spices. Through out ancient history and biblical times people often traded their fabrics and spices, each land was known for having  different  goods. We want to bring the world to you through the luxury and culture  that spices have to offer! All of our products are made with materials from around the world. We hope that our products help to bring you a peace of mind and a stress free lifestyle!  We want you to look forward to coming home to take a bath with candles lit! We hope to bring you healing through our apothecary products. God loves you and so do we!



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